Western Medicine Vs Standard Chinese Medicine – Section one

For the duration of a informal chat with a dentist mate, we had a difference in feeling on the efficacies of Western Medicine and Standard Chinese Medicine (or “TCM” as it is extra popularly known). Neither can she provide herself to concur on my suggestion that Chinese Astrology scientific tests like Bazi (or 4 Pillars) and Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) are valuable towards maintaining excellent health.

To most persons, Western Medicine is scientific, extra extensively acknowledged and belongs to the major stream applications towards health and wellness. Hence, it is the defacto option for them. While I have utmost regard for the progression Western Medicine have made until finally today, I have come throughout more than enough instances that will make me confident that TCM is the top-quality option to Western Medicine when it arrives to reaching excellent health. I will say TCM is extra powerful at preserving persons in the pink of health though Western Medicine is far better in treating ill persons. When persons are seriously unwell, by natural means Western Medicine is the far better option of treatment.

What is my foundation for concluding so? Western medicine treats signs and symptoms but do not get to the root of the problem. For somebody struggling from headache they generally prescribe discomfort killers but falls short of addressing the authentic result in of the head aches. When a patient has fever, often they ask the patient to dip in chilly water or remain in chilly air-conditioned rooms to beat the increasing temperature. Proponent of Western Medicine may obstacle me to say why make a fuss when the disease is “healed”. I will say the signs and symptoms may be healed but the root result in of the disease is merely subdued. The end result of which is a weaker health structure in the very long time period.

TCM is extremely different as it seeks to determine the underlying health deficiencies. TCM accept that the entire body is composed of organs that are all interlinked and their yin & yang composition establishes how the vitality flows in the organs of the entire body. TCM so goes proper to the root of the health problem in its place of just treating the signs and symptoms. Rome is not created in a day, and neither must we expect our health complications to be thoroughly healed by a TCM practitioner in a short time period of time. For all those that have produced to a critically late stage of sicknesses, I nevertheless advocate they count on Western Medicine as the short time period cure but use TCM as the for a longer time time period fallback option.

When do Bazi and ZWDS come into play? They keep the important towards a in depth diagnosis of the health problem and health care prescription. I am a agency believer of the adage that “avoidance is far better than cure”. Bazi and ZWDS will be able to determine the inherent health deficiency and health care problem of a human being even way ahead of the signs and symptoms or the disease sets in. They can also enable to determine the Fengshui factors of the house or atmosphere that the human being lives in that will avert this kind of sicknesses from environment in. An knowing of Bazi and ZWDS also holds the important to prescription of a in depth cure. This is for the reason that the patient may not articulate the health care problem evidently more than enough and an powerful cure can only be accomplished when the TCM practitioner understands how the vitality flows in the organs and their yin & yang predisposition.

Opponents may nevertheless declare that I am bigoted versus Western Medicine. In my next report, I will share a several illustrations of how Western Medicine unsuccessful or how TCM + knowing of Bazi/ZWDS healed a problem that was not satisfactorily settled by Western Medicine.

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