Styles of dalak (therapeutic massage) In accordance to unani program of medicine

In accordance to the mikdaar-wo-kaifiyat

one) Dalak-e Sulab (Difficult therapeutic massage which helps make the physique tricky), (2) Dalak-e Layyan (Smooth therapeutic massage which relaxes the physique), (three) Dalak-e Moatdil (Moderate therapeutic massage which develops the physique), (four) Dalak-e Kasheer (Prolonged therapeutic massage which minimizes the fat of the physique), (5) Dalak-e Qaleel (Brief period therapeutic massage)

In accordance to the Dalak-e Murakkab

(one)Dalak-e Sulab kasheer, (2) Dalak-e Sulab Qaleel, (three) Dalak-e Sulab Moatdil, (four) Dalak-e Layyan kasheer, (5) Dalak-e Layyan Qaleel, (6) Dalak-e Layyan moatdil, (7) Dalak-e Moatdil kasheer, (eight) Dalak-e Moatdil qaleel, (nine) Dalak-e Moatdil moatdil

Other type’s also of the dalak

(one)Dalak-e Khashan, (2) Dalak-e Amlas, (three) Dalak-e Istedal, (four) Dalak-e Istedad

 Sub sorts of dalak-e istedad

(a)Dalak-e Qawee, (b) Dalak-e Zaiyf, (c) Dalak-e Moatdil, (d) Dalak-e Tool, (e) Dalak-e Kasheer, (f) Dalak-e Moatdil

In accordance to the buniyad

  • Dalak-e Faily
  • Dalak-e Munfaily

In accordance modern day program of medicine

In accordance to the character of technique

  • Stroking therapeutic massage – (one) Superficial (2) Deep
  • Tension manipulation therapeutic massage
  • Petrissage therapeutic massage
  • Vibration therapeutic massage
  • Percussion therapeutic massage – e.g. Clapping, Capping, Pounding, Call warmth,

In accordance to the tissue approached

  • Light-weight therapeutic massage
  • Deep therapeutic massage

In accordance to the section of physique

  • Generalised therapeutic massage
  • Neighborhood therapeutic massage

In accordance to the Tension application

  • Guide therapeutic massage
  • Mechanical massage    

Mechanism describing the outcomes of therapeutic massage

a)      Mobility of tender tissue

Any harm or swelling of the tender tissue prospects to adhesion development which decreases their mobility and results in ache. The to and fro motion of (Dalak) therapeutic massage mechanically breaks down the adhesion and facilitates the cost-free motion of the adherent framework. The several affliction in which therapeutic massage is used for mobilization of the tender tissues are tendonitis, fibroids, muscular harm, ligament sprain, put up surgical, scar and postburn contracture. Massage is also located liable for activation of lipolysis by the launch of catecholamine.

b)      Muscle mass spasm and ache:

Spasm is the greater muscle mass tone in a localized area. In the existence of spasm there is capillary constriction which minimizes the blood flow that success in limitation of flow of vitamins and minerals and oxygen to the area and retention of waster solutions that makes more spasm. This spasm can be damaged by therapeutic massage by the adhering to mechanism.

  • Massage stimulates the sensory nerve endings and output of delicate ache, therapeutic massage blocks the pathways of this ache.
  • The mechanical movements of therapeutic massage stretch the particular person fibres of tender tissue and cut down their pressure.
  • Massage assists in the removal of metabolic waste solutions as these substances are noxious to the tissue and irritate the cost-free nerve endings, these success in reduction of ache.
  • All these elements to gether help to cut down the spasm. Massage is utilized in unspecified back again ache fibrositis, and put up exercising muscle mass soreness etcetera.

c)      Enhancement of circulation

            Massage has been used since very long time for the treatment method where by the blood supply is diminished owing to vasoconstriction in response to cold. The rubbing motion histamine like substances from mast cells thus triggering area vasodilatation and rising circulation of the section. Massage is approved in nerve palsies and in several decreased motor neuron lesions. The function of this to preserve the trophic affliction of the paralysed section, using the circulatory outcome from the therapeutic massage. This improved arterial circulation adhering to therapeutic massage stimulates the trade of nutrents into paralysed extremities.

 d)      Mobilise secretions in the lungs

             Dalak finds a key job in the treatment method of individuals chest problems where by greater and viscid secretions are the resource of problem for e.g. persistent bronchitis, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectesis etcetera. There takes place greater output of sputum, which accumulates, stagnates, dries up and blocks the little respiratory pathways. The several guide and mechanical respiratory techniques of therapeutic massage i.e.vibration, shaking, percussion, etcetera, makes a jarring outcome on the lung tissue. The mechanical vitality transmitted to the lung tissue by the chest walls, prospects to the loosening up of the viscid secretion.

e)      Reduction of oedema:

     In accordance to mager and McCue (1995), therapeutic massage is an essential aspect of oedema reduction programme. Massage minimizes oedema using its mechanical outcome of forcing the fluid into the drainage channels. When the oedema is owing to mechanical elements this kind of as muscle mass inactivity as in paralysis, valve insufficiency, lymphmode blockage etcetera. therapeutic massage procedures are valuable in the rduction of inflammation.

f)       Enhance the normal overall look of the pores and skin:

            Massage in normal enhances the nutritive position of the pores and skin. Massage facilitates the motion of pores and skin around the subcutaneous buildings. As a consequence pores and skin gets soften more supply and finer, also, right after prolong therapeutic massage, the pores and skin also gets tricky, more flexible, elastic and its sensitivity is minimized, so that it can be taken care of reasonably, around without triggering substantially discomfort. It has a relaxing outcome on the extremely sensitive and vascular papillae. The lifeless cells or eradicated by the continuous call of the hand around the pores and skin. The sweat glands, hair follicles and sebaceous glands, therefore come to be cost-free from obstruction and can operate more correctly

g)      Common and area leisure:

            Psychologically and emotionally Dalak has been used since ages to enhance a sensation of nicely being and leisure. Tiredness afer prolonged work, nervousness of a feverish kid as nicely as ache and apprehension of an arthritic elderly responding nicely to therapeutic massage. Massage has been shown a helpful influence on development, attitudes and emotional position of the physique (Schneider, 1992). Crompton and fox (1987) also noticed that therapeutic massage technique encourages two to thrice situations a lot quicker restoration of psychological and physiological position of atheletes.        

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