Medicinal Value Of Snails In Nigeria


one.Whooping cough can be treated by snail meat.

2.Hypertension can also be treated by fluid generated by snails.

3.The snail meat is also recommended for cure of ulcer and bronchial asthma.

4.The usage of snails lower the deficiency of iron in the entire body.

five.Snail is also mentioned to be abundant in mineral salt e.g calcium, phosphorus , iron, and copper which are very beneficial for the entire body of its customers.

6.It has been observed that snail meat contains lower stage of sodium, cholesterol and high stage of potassium therefore it is used in the cure of Arteriosclerosis, Anemia, Higher Blood Stress and other extra fat connected ailments.

seven.It helps to lower hemorrhoids and constipation.

eight.It is used in cure of weak eye-sights.

9.Having of snail meat regularly can also protect against warmth difficulties.

ten.It also used in cure of kidney connected conditions.

eleven.It is used as suppressant in stroke cure.

12.Musicians also take in snail meat as a means of good voice routine maintenance.

13.It restores virility and vitality.

14.In traditional medicine, snail meat is used in the preparing of concortions for many scenarios like reduction of  labour pain and blood decline in a pregnant lady throughout delivery.

fifteen.Many preparations are also manufactured of snail  and snail part to treated modest pox.

sixteen.Aslo in traditional medicine ,it is used in preparing of like medicine to restore peace among husband and spouse and amid wives in polygamous homes.

seventeen.Snail meat has been strongly recommended as a healing food for individuals with Diabetic issues.

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